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Welcome to TSM Houston’s new site.

Recruits form up

If you are at all familiar with our previous site, you’ll note that this is quite different. We are excited to release the new site so we can better tell our story.

Texas State Militia: Houston Unit has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. In fact, at one point, it grew to such a size that the militia necessitated 2 units in Houston, north and south.

We are red-blooded Texans through and through, and we believe that our liberties are naturally asperated, God-given, equally to all.

It’s about brotherhood.

It’s about family.

Through our training together, our families become close and we begin relying on each other. Because we come from all walks of life, there is always a militiaman or woman who has your back, whether your car needs fixing, your kids need to be watched, or you need someone to watch over your house while you are away. That’s not being a militia, that’s being a Texan. The militia just brought us together.

Our members range from ex-military, to civilian construction workers, to desk-jockeys. But we all have one thing in common, we love Texas, we love the Constitution, and every man and woman has taken an oath to die defending it.

There is a churn.

Yes, Texas militia members come and go as life happens. Work takes you away from Texas, family takes you away, but you are always welcome back so long as you follow our bylaws, and attend at least once every 3 months.

If you need longer, we understand, just come back and re-apply at any time.

We love taking care of our community.

More to come…

So thank you for visiting. We will continuously update this page with non-political news and hopefully you will learn that a Texas militia should not be a secretive shadow organization, but a resource for the community to rely on. Because a militia is the community.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to TSM Houston’s new site.”

  1. Okay! You people are doing it right! From your membership qualifications … which recognize human committments that may make it necessary for some people to go, and come back … to your community work … you understand!

    You undoubtedly have an unfriendly or two infiltrated into your ranks, but I am sure you are not so stupid as to let members say dumb things. Patriots are peaceful and act within the law, while not being chumps and assuming current conditions will apply forever.

    Now here’s the problem. Not every patriot or patriotic group around the country has your deep understanding of our tasks.

    So … you need to proseleytize!

    I’m going to give you lots of mentions at https://PatriotAction.US, and commend you to friends at the US Community Protection Teams ( who have basically your approach. But … you need to get serious, sustained, national attention — you need to get publicized on every patriotic bulletin board, forum, news site, etc. I would like to help in this, if you would like to discuss it.

  2. Question:
    Are all state and local militias ‘united’ under one (1) common banner,
    or ‘flag’…………what about the other U.S. states?
    Thanks Bob

    1. Hi Bob, in Texas, there are 3 types of Militias:
      1. Texas National Guard (Controlled by the state, funded by the state and fedgov but are title 10 and can be called up by the Fed government)
      2. Texas State Guard (Controlled by the state, funded by the state, cannot be called to title 10 service, serve as disaster control and logistical support in emergencies, mostly do not train with weapons)
      3. Reserve Militia (All other citizens who train as a regulated group, unfunded by the state, classified as “un-organized” by the state standards) <- This is units like ours. Our unit is part of the Texas State Militia network of Reserve Militias who all follow a common and agreed upon set of bylaws. These bylaws prevent units from taking actions that negatively effect the state and other units, prevent radicalization, and encourage joint trainings, compromise, and good will between the units. There are 14-15 different units in our network. However, there are many militias who are not in our network in Texas, and they would follow their own ideals of organization and how best to defend the constitution. As far as national unity of militias, there is very little. The United States militia "system" is an extremely cellular, disconnected group of militias who typically avoid collaboration due to years of media denigration, government suppression, and suspicion. It is unfortunate but perhaps it is for the best?

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