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Welcome to TSM Houston’s new site.

Recruits form up

If you are at all familiar with our previous site, you’ll note that this is quite different. We are excited to release the new site so we can better tell our story.

Texas State Militia’s Houston Unit has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. In fact, at one point, it grew to such a size that the militia necessitated 2 units in Houston, north and south.

We are red-blooded Texans through and through, and we believe that our liberties are naturally asperated, God-given, equally to all.

It’s about brotherhood.

It’s about family.

Through our training together, our families become close and we begin relying on each other. Because we come from all walks of life, there is always a militiaman or woman who has your back, whether your car needs fixing, your kids need to be watched, or you need someone to watch over your house while you are away. That’s not being a militia, that’s being a Texan.

Our members range from ex-military, to civilian construction workers, to desk-jockeys. But we all have one thing in common, we love Texas, we love the Constitution, and every man and woman has taken an oath to die defending it.

There is a churn.

Yes, militia members come and go, life happens. Work takes you away from Texas, family takes you away, but you are always welcome back so long as you follow our bylaws, and attend at least once every 3 months.

If you need longer, we understand, just come back and re-apply at any time.

We love taking care of our community.

More to come…

So thank you for visiting. We will continuously update this page with non-political news and hopefully you will learn that a militia should not be a secretive shadow organization, but a resource for the community to rely on. Because a militia is the community.

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