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A little fear is healthy, but don’t give in.

As Americans living in this day and age, we all feel a quickening of events. A strange convergence of tracks, from big business colluding with politicians to curtail our rights, to the development of AI, to the threat of world war, to the endless pandemic cycle, to the push to change to the DUSD, all have ominous implications. If you see and hear many paralyzed by fear and many others enraged, you’re not alone.

As you notice, nothing gets done about things because both fear and rage are impotent. Fear causes paralysis, confusion, and flight. Rage is counterproductive and causes lack of focus, unintended results, and damages character.
Which means it’s up to the those that control their fear. It’s up to those that resist their rage.
It’s the mighty American warriors who strive to move forward and those who love this great nation that will be saddled with putting things back together again once the dust settles from whatever is coming.

Those with the strength and attitude to get out and do something and actually MOVE FORWARD,
these are the men and women who we want by our side to get the job done. We need those who will show up, train and work towards our common goals, to carry on the fight for freedom, our country, our constitution.

Who will dedicate time to create a bolder future—discouragement be damned?

If you’re sick of the helpless feeling and surrounded by the idle who fear yet do nothing.
If you’re done with the rage and bitching and moaning, yet don’t know where to turn to find like minded individuals.
If you’re ready to GET AFTER IT.

This is you, and you are us.

We are from all walks of life, all colors of skin and we all bleed red, white and blue..

Texan, we need you.

We are Texas State Militia – Viking Unit

God bless the USA
& God bless Texas

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