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What are TSM Shops?

TSM Houston follows a shop system similar to the US Army. There are 6 shops, and each shop specializes in a certain category of task or mission that TSM requires. Members will usually choose a primary Shop based on interest and then be assigned a secondary shop based on their skills and experience.

S1 – Administration

Primarily in charge of “people”. This shop has several missions, including: Admissions, Public Affairs, Chaplaincy, Member Tracking, Accountability, and much more…

S2 – Intel and Security

S2’s purpose can be seen as having 2 missions (sub-shops), Intelligence and Security. Intelligence personnel are tasked with everything from cyber security to AO mapping for missions. Security’s job is to prevent harm coming to any member. That includes guarding the FOB, prisoner handling, and internal security.

S3 – Ops and Training

When TSM needs a mission in a live or dangerous environment, they’ll need a trained and capable militia and a competent mission plan. S3 ensures our objectives are accomplished and everyone comes home.

S4 – Logistics and Engineering

S4’s role is one of the most critical roles in TSM. There are 5 sub-shops: Armory, Combat Engineering, Equipment, Sustainment, and Auxiliary. Whether it’s developing training devices, going out on Ops as a combat engineer, acquiring and preparing food and water, or teaching families to take care of themselves, S4 needs very intelligent and resourceful people to accomplish its mission.

S5 – Medical

Medical has a nearly full-time job. Our medical staff and Doctor’s are working around the clock making sure that our members are safe during trainings, going out on Ops missions, responding to QRF calls, and much more.

S6 – Communications and IT

S6 personnel are 100% responsible for TSM communications and networks. Competent IT and Radio Operators are required to make sure we maintain communications with teams. Coms personnel can expect to man radio stations in the TOC or be assigned to an Ops team.

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We usually have openings in all shops.