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Support the Militia in the


The Mission of the Auxiliary

The Auxiliary Corps was created to support active TSM members in the area of non-combatant roles. Family members of any age are invited to join. We attend all community service events with TSM. Our classes include homesteading, self-defense, medical and so much more.

Self-Defense Classes

Jiu-Jitsu & Boxing Basics

Homesteading Classes

Soap Making, Butter & Cheese Making

Basic Medical Classes

Stop the Bleed & Tourniquet

Outdoor Camping Fun!

Camp Nights, Nature Classes, Fire Making and More!

Basic Firearms Classes

Cleaning, Basic Movements & More!

Communications Classes

Radio Operations & Protocols

From the Aux Sub-Shop Lead:

“Our mission is to support TSM and our communities with a spirit of altruism in the area of non-combatant duties. We train and prepare with compassion for the day TSM is called to serve and defend the great State of Texas.”