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Who we are.

Simply put, a well organized network of reserve militias in Texas made up of normal Americans who have given an oath to defend our Constitution, and the life, liberty, and property of all Texans.

We Are Rugged Individuals.

Comfort is the enemy of preparedness. TSM Houston seeks to build a rugged character out of every militiaman and woman.

Your comfort level is an ever changing bubble. Encompassing more as you grow, and less as you relax.

We Connect With Nature.

In TSM, we believe that spending time training in nature prepares our members to survive in the worst case survival scenarios.

Should you join, you will be hot, you will be cold, you will be wet, you will be thirsty, you will be exhausted, you will be bored, you will be overwhelmed. Nature offers all of this in the development of your rugged character.

We Volunteer.

We Are Determined.

We are Texans driven by the Constitution.

Yes, we believe that Texas IS the greatest state in the union. No place is perfect, but there are so many things that Texas does right!