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Your donations make a difference…

We are all-volunteer.

The freedoms we enjoy were initially secured by an all-volunteer force of civilians.

Much like them, we all have separate lives, jobs, families, and responsibilities. So, we are self-funded; our members buy their own gear and pay a small annual membership to help pay for paperwork, software services, and supplies. On top of this, our members donate their own money and time to bettering the unit.

In many cases, our members make themselves poor to make TSM more capable of protecting and serving Texans. This is how dedicated we are.

However, this is usually insufficient. TSM Houston has learned to be frugal, patient, and to adapt to the lack of logistical and supply materials.

For Family, For Texas.

How we use donations:

Your monetary donations go directly to supplies and equipment that make our unit better and more capable. From trailers, to ropes and rigging, to medical supplies that we use to render aid to Texans, EVERYTHING makes a big difference. We do not pay ourselves one dime.

In some cases, we prefer to receive equipment and supply donations directly instead of money to buy them. Everything from wires to tires is welcome and can be used to benefit Texans. Typical material donations include:

  • Trailers
  • Land or Land Use for Training.
  • Medical Supplies
  • Old Vehicles we can repair.
  • Military Surplus
  • Radios and Radio Equipment
  • Services such as Vehicle Repair and Heavy Equipment Work.
  • Water Containers
  • Food
  • Other Equipment such as pumps, solar panels, batteries, etc.