You don’t need help, they do.

You don’t have a disorder, you have simply awakened. Just like many veterans, you find the world beats around the bush too much, full of ignorance and duplicity. You have a warrior’s outlook. You have no respect for the average deviousness and dishonor in the persons and institutions you find today. No patience for the meaningless double-talk from “experts” of the make-believe, navigating “careers” of non-essential, self-invented nonsense. Day in and day out, you can see them as the frauds they are, through awakened eyes. The smoke and mirrors don’t work anymore for you.

The clarity you experience makes you realize that for the rest of your life, the majority of people you encounter will never “get it”. They will never have the same moral compass, values, honor, commitment, ethics, dignity, dependability, resilience, adaptability and the simple common sense you cannot pretend is not the center of your being. While they float along in a make-believe world of phony achievements, shallow relationships, and meaningless credentials, it drives every effort and decision you make. This is why militia beckons you.

You’re no veteran, yet you have a warrior’s heart. For veterans, real courage was proven, not as myth or ancient legend. No, it is real and re-enforced among brothers, creating an unavoidable tension in your life today while you reside among the lazy, entitled, arrogant, and untested undeserving. Those who actually believe they are your equals, or even your betters. They have not awakened, and this is why the militia beckons you.

You get it.

Those in the militia are wide awake. Vets and civilians who “get it”. However, to the rest of the country you are “different” for the simple fact you are awake. Because you will forever be different from them all, they will notice. But, it is not you who have the “disorder”. It is them who do. It is the weak and the inexperienced, those insulated from harm and hardship that are never immunized with a reality check for how the world “really” is outside their precious little bubbles. These walking, talking, un-vaccinated liabilities of the 21st Century see your healthy fortitude as a foreign body, a germ or infection that needs some sort of cure. So that you may again be like them…. weak, blind, thoughtless, and care-free.

You don’t need “help”. They do.

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2 comments on “You don’t need help, they do.”

  1. Pat Riley Reply

    Very well said .. We will not be victims .. We will not have our Country Stolen from us .. We have Friends and Relatives that Shed their Blood and died to save our freedoms .. God Bless the Militia and People like us !! We need contacts here in Michigan .. Pat Riley .. Upper Peninsula .. Cedarville ..

    • TSMHouston Reply

      Check out Michigan is pretty active with groups all over.

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