The Heat of June – Forward Operating Base OP

The Heat of June could not deter TSM Houston, 25th detachment from establishing a forward operating base. Although Texas was left untouched by the effects of the EMP, society, as is often the case, did not seem to care. The ensuing break down in security, economy, and order caused many to look to their neighbors for the resources they lacked.

No Texan could fathom the chaos pervading in the rest of the country, yet fears that Texas’s exclusive power grid would fail would bring brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor in this new dystopia. It was time to leave Houston, and the 25th was up to the task.

A scouting party had preceded the team into a heavily forested, resource rich enclave. Quickly identified were traces of a well known opposition force in the area: Vanguard. They had the reputation of marauders, usually killing anyone with resources. Thus, they were well outfitted. If this area would be home, Vanguard would need a bloody nose.

This raw patch of forest in middle-of-no-where Texas was home to just a few families, and TSM was there to make a deal. They’d provide security against Vanguard and medical care in exchange for friendly relations, resources, and permission to set up the FOB.

With permission obtained, they set about guard rotations. They were anticipating some move by Vanguard and it came on the very first night…

This Operation was to establish a Forward Operating Base for the rest of TSM Houston to relocate to. Join us and make this experience your own. When SHTF, a core group a well trained individuals means the difference between life and death for you and your loved ones. Don’t bug out of danger and bug in to doom.

TSM HOUSTON trainings prepare us for The Heat of June, and many other scenarios. When the time comes we will be ready, will you?

Join Us!

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