Texas State Militia serves community.

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With nowhere to turn, we turn to each other.

A home is a place to retreat to. But what happens when you must retreat from your home?
Deaundrea unfortunately found out when her home was overrun by flood waters last year. Since then, she and her daughter have been hopping from place to place, unable to plant new roots. But this woman, strong in faith and unwavering fortitude, has nevertheless persevered.
A few weeks ago, the Texas State Militia joined with Habitat For Humanity to help build her future house. It was a humbling experience for everyone. We learned of Deaundrea, a strong woman whose family was displaced during Hurricane Harvey. We could not stand by and let them suffer. Texas State Militia learned that she had gotten approved for a house through Habitat for Humanity, so we immediately volunteered.

The work was difficult, however with so many volunteers and cooler weather, we realized it could have been worse.  The wall-up was the prime event.  It is the event that homeowners begin to see the structure of the house forming, a foreshadow of security. With TSM’s help, the wall-up happened in just 4 hours.

By the end of the afternoon, the walls were up and locked. Such a difference from the morning.


An unexpected reaction.

Other than gratitude, the most prevalent comments we received were how people didn’t know that militias did these kinds of things, or that we were so diverse. This unfortunately comes with the militia territory nowadays.  The media has soiled the great tradition of the militia by reporting exclusively on fringe elements of society that call themselves a “militia”.  These fringe groups have committed atrocious acts of terrorism, violence, and racism. However, they are not the typical elements you would find in a “militia” by any stretch of the imagination. 
The Texas State Militia is by everyone, for everyone. We are made up of all races and creeds. Our primary mission is to support our communities. We will stand by your side when hammers fly, and stand in front of you when bullets fly.
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