Scouts Prepare for a Militia Scouting Mission in the Heart of Texas

The Final Class brings anticipation

With the scout training class coming to an end, members of the Houston Unit of the Texas State Militia begin the preparations for the final simulation before the upcoming militia scouting mission, located deep in the heart of the Texas piney woods. It has been a long fall for the class, bringing new information, a new instructor, and new members. Many worried that the success of the mission could be compromised with so many unknowns thrown into the mix. However, those fears have begun to subside, being replaced with focused anticipation of achieving the mission objectives.

Team roles picked

There has been the typical air of competition within the unit for positions like Squad Leader, Fire Team Leader, Navigation, and Comms. It was very clear from the beginning which members were hopeful for which positions, and which members would likely get the position. However, in the end Command picked the best members for the job. Although many came back disappointed, the whole squad realizes that they must all work together to remain on task, keep their heads on a swivel and stay concealed while traversing the thick woods.

The Militia Scouting Mission Simulation

The scout squad will be dropped off in a predetermined place within the 150 acre AO. They must then navigate to different checkpoints, gathering the required information on their way to their final objective: the area where they must set up and LO/OP and observe and report on an enemy compound. To succeed, they’ll need to stay concealed and quiet the entire mission. OPFOR will also be in the area running patrols. Therefore, the team needs to avoid being detected by OPFOR in order to succeed. Detection by OPFOR means critical mission failure and reset.

Timing is critical

This simulation will last 36 hours spanning a full day and a half. The team will have to act quickly and quietly to complete their mission objectives and return within the allotted time. The simulation prepares the team for upcoming live missions in dangerous areas. They’ll need to use all of their knowledge and skills to get in and out quickly and successfully.

Yes, we do real missions.

Working with the National Guard and Law Enforcement requires us to be on our toes. While missions are volunteered for individually by our members, Command does not allow unprepared individuals out in potentially dangerous areas. Join us for training! Participation in live missions is not required, however you will get opportunities as they present themselves to train with our members who work in professional security forces, former military, and law enforcement.

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