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Scouts Prepare for a Militia Scouting Mission in the Heart of Texas

The Final Class brings anticipation With the scout training class coming to an end, members of the Houston Unit of the Texas State Militia begin the preparations for the final simulation before the upcoming militia scouting mission, located deep in the heart of the Texas piney woods. It has been a long fall for the

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Drive your Team’s Viability with Land Navigation 1 [LN1]

Using Land Navigation techniques, can you safely get your team through unknown, hostile territory? Can you secure a safe route for your group given nothing but a vague map with a rally point? This fall, TSM Houston Fire Teams will begin a 4-part series on Land Navigation, Scouting and Patrolling. Join Us! Please follow and

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Unseen, Unheard – Scouting and Patrolling OP

Intelligence gathering is more than simple observation.  In this OP, our unit applied military scout training techniques to locate and identify resource codes. The goal was to avoid contact with outsiders, and should contact be made, safely and hastily break contact. Tired of just being a “gun guy”? Instead hone your group tactic skills, come

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