Scouting and Patrolling classes are about to begin!

Scouting and Patrolling [SAP-1]

The Scouting and Patrolling Classes are about to begin!

This is one of the most anticipated training series in our curriculum. 4 classes, (including the precursor “Land Nav”) which focus on Fire Team level maneuvers through unknown, unexplored environments, and what is required to gather intel, evade hostile forces, and identify resources.

THEN, as the series comes to a close, it culminates in a weekend field OP with opposition forces trying to find you as you search for intel and map the area! Can you evade them undetected?

Extremely informative experience, and also very fun. RSVP NOW!

Join us for this training series to take part in the upcoming OP.  There are still seats available.  New members are also welcome to get in on the class, but you need to RSVP quickly.

Our much anticipated Scouting and Patrolling series is close to starting, and is our most popular class.

This fall, TSM Houston Fire Teams will begin a 4-part series on Land Navigation, Scouting and Patrolling.

A time is coming, as it does for all nations, when its citizens may be forced to rely on themselves.  Resources will be scarce, the environment will be hostile. You and your family will be left only with the tools you have, and the knowledge in your brains.  Suppose though, you were with a group of individuals you have been training with when this happens?  Imagine then that you gather your family and meet up with your team and their families.  How much strong would you be together, knowing what to do, AND TRAINING how to do it.

This is why we prepare, and if you are a constitutionalist, you can join us and multiply your chances of surviving.

Join Us!

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