Unseen, Unheard – Scouting and Patrolling OP

TSM – Vikings found themselves at the culmination of a 3-month Scouting and Patrolling training series. This series focused primarily on military scout training.

The Mission

The 2-day FTX was held on 88 acres in the East Texas Piney woods with 40 degree nights and mild temperatures daily.

Early on Saturday morning, the unit began by scouting and mapping the unknown region. Their mission? Look for possible LP/OP locations, resources, and potential dangers. Afternoon came and the unit was split into 2 fire-teams that would then compete for points in a force-on-force exercise with the objective of locating and reporting codes at various locations around the 88 acres.  3 months of training suddenly began to materialize within the unit as formations, comms, cover and concealment, and scouting manifested themselves.

An encounter occurred at dusk between the 2 fire-teams, initiating a hasty retreat and ultimately one team came out on top in points because of a successful SALUTE report.  Lessons were learned and the squads retired back to camp to discuss and recover.


This kind of training is what sets a militia apart from a group of well-trained hunters or “gun guys”. Weapon proficiency, while valuable, only enables a single individual to put accurate fire down range. Employing formations, coverage zones, cover and concealment, and military scout training makes the sum of a squad greater than its parts.

Intelligence gathering is more than simple observation.  In this OP, our unit applied military scout training techniques to locate and identify resource codes. The goal was to avoid contact with outsiders, and should contact be made, safely and hastily break contact. Tired of just being a “gun guy”? Instead hone your group tactic skills, come join our brotherhood.

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