Live Fire Training with TSM

Although our recent live fire was cut short due to tornadoes and hail (literally), Texas State Militia Houston Unit members still gained a lot from the training.

New members are taught from basic marksmanship principles, through transitioning, support side firing, and moving and shooting techniques.

As you can tell, our trainings are extremely well organized and safety conscious. No member may enter the firing line, load their weapon, or fire until tower clears them.

Some highlights from our recent live fire training.

5 comments on “Live Fire Training with TSM”

  1. James Neill Reply

    Were do I go to join I’m exnavy and I have been looking for a group of like minded people to drill with

  2. Carlos Gutierrez Reply


    I’m considering to join, but how does this work…is there monthly/weekly meetings? If so where and how long?
    firearms – I only have a small 9mm for the house, do I need to have an AR15 for any live-fire training?!

    I’m still in the Texas Army National Guard, it wont hurt me anymore than to volunteer with (TSM) on my free time, esp since you have former/current LEOS.

    Carlos G
    Houston, TX

    • TSMHouston Reply

      Hi Carlos, email sent to your email address. But briefly, we don’t allow active military in the unit due to conflicts and US Military restrictions.

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