Letter from the Major

The Militia of 2019

Times have certainly changed from the founding of this nation. One can only imagine what the founders and brave men who fought for our independence would say about the current political and social atmosphere of the United States some two hundred and fifty-three years after their world-altering achievements. What would they think of the 2019 Militia? On one hand, they would certainly be mesmerized by the vast advancements in every facet of our way of life, from science and technology, military might and infrastructure, to the advances in medicine and education. How proud they would be that we have advanced the rights they established within the Constitution to even more classes of people than they originally started off protecting. We have outlawed slavery and integrated our society after the civil rights movement. On the other hand, how saddened would they feel at how divided we have become as a nation? Some of the very foundations they had fought, bled, and died for are ever so slowly – and successfully, being eroded right before our eyes by some of our fellow Americans. 

One thing that hasn’t changed since those times though, is the love Patriots have for this Nation. That same love which drove men to leave their wives and children at home and venture forth with muskets in hand and all the gear they could muster, still to this day exists in the new aged Militia movement. Even though the British have been defeated and the fear of red coats burning our towns down has passed, there are still many reasons why both men and women wake up early on the weekends, gear up, and train in their local militia units. These days there are new fears that drive the minds of Patriots. These fears are not of a foreign power, but of the over-stretching of our government system beyond what our founders intended. This isn’t to be misidentified as a hate for that system, or inherently against that system, but rather an understanding that in some areas, the very warnings our founders prophesied are becoming a reality right before our eyes. This is something we cannot turn a blind eye to.

Today’s militia understands those fears. Most men and women I have met in the years I have been a member of the movement are some of the most historically literate and constitutionally minded people there are out there. The values these individuals live by are often passed on, generation by generation, originating all the way back to the founding of this country. It fills our members with pride knowing that in some way they are tied to those brave men to whom we owe everything. 

With that preface understood, let’s now begin to delve into what exactly it means to be a militiaman in 2019. 

First and foremost, members are family driven. Our families mean everything to us, and we would die to preserve the freedoms we all grew up to love. We want to defend those freedoms so that our children can prosper under that same way of life. Without family being the first and foremost importance, our future is doomed. It is up to us to pass off our love for this nation, its founding, and its Constitution that separates this great nation from the rest of the world.

Secondly, members share a love for their communities. It’s the very essence of what we are here to do, to help. From being in the front lines of the flood water rescue efforts of Hurricane Harvey, to securing critical FEMA supply drops against theft, love for our community drives my member’s desire to train. Whether we’re helping feed the poor at the Houston Food Bank or building homes with Habitat For Humanity, our members stand with those around us who need help the most. 

The modern militia is then also serious in its desire to learn, grow, and excel in its training. It is not done for glory or self-gratification, we do not walk around thinking we are better than everyone else, but rather as individuals who take an often misunderstood and shunned responsibility upon our shoulders. There is no ego stroking to what we do, only a commitment to be ready if and when the time ever comes, God forbid it does. Are there groups and individuals out there that do it for the wrong reasons? You bet there are, we have seen them. However extreme views promote discord and they usually are not successful in forming or maintaining a cohesive unit. We take pride in what we know and love to share that knowledge with others. We yearn to learn from those who know things we do not. An openness to adapt and integrate new concepts only adds to our capabilities in the end, which is vital to growing as a member and as a unit. Inexperienced persons are welcomed with open arms and an eagerness to bring them to a level of proficiency equal to our own. We do this with patience and persistence, in a desire to help our brothers and sisters. 

Finally, it is vital for a militia in this day and age to push back against the narrative that hovers over the word “militia.” It truly is a shame that something once so vital to this nation has become something so frowned upon and labeled as a threat to the people of this nation. There is no denying that a minority of certain groups and individuals have led to this, but that is more reason for those groups who are participating in the 2019 militia movement for the right reasons to get out there and change the minds of our fellow Americans. In our experience, people are completely open to changing their perception on militias when you are there to look them in the eye, give a firm handshake, and explain exactly what it is you do, how you do it, and assure them that you are their friend and there to help when needed.

All of the above characteristics define a well-oiled militia in 2019. Even though our abilities are seldom needed, they are always there, ready at a moment’s notice to be employed. 

By: James Margison
Commanding Officer of TSM Houston 
Major over TSM Coastal Region 

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17 comments on “Letter from the Major”

  1. Peggy Rhea Reply

    I am glad you are there for us. I am a 68 year old woman and do not own a gun. Can’t afford one. I am completely vulnerable. But not completely helpless. I woukd fight to the end. But happy for our patriots. Thanks.

  2. Gary Bruggeman Reply

    I’m a retired police officer, and can’t run like I used to, but I have alot of skills and knowledge to pass on. Would there be a place for a 58 year old that can still shoot and clear a room effectively.

    • TSMHouston Reply

      Yes we have a few retired police officers. And members participate all the way up into their 70s as they are able.

      Go ahead and click apply to join at the top, select your region and someone will get in contact with you shortly

  3. Robert Tipton Reply

    Thank you guys for what you are doing. I am not physically capable of training with you boys but my heart beats with you and your beliefs. I will continue to pray for you and all of America. It would be nice to have some of you guys cell phone, just Incase.
    Thanks Again Robert Tipton

    • TSMHouston Reply

      Currently there are eight units in Texas and two sponsored. Depending on where you are at, we may have a sponsor unit near you. If not we have processes for developing a sponsor unit in your area . We can assist you in developing a sponsored unit that can eventually become its own unit.

    • TSMHouston Reply

      We have units across Texas in nearly every major region. Each applicant is reviewed and vetted with a background check and interviews (an LTC speeds this up). You can apply through this site, you will receive an emailed full application.

      We also have new member meetings coming up which you can attend to meet us and learn more.

  4. Edward Bruce Reply

    God bless and keep this state and nation. Thanks for your continued diligence and patriotism.

  5. Livia Dinora Reply

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  6. Jeffrey hill Reply

    I believe that we the people of this great nation don’t only have the right but the obligation to defend the Constitution of The United States of AMERICA.
    Texas is the greatest State in the nation our Men and women that defend our great country we should start looking at who are attempting to invade the USA and stand behind our constitutional right to correct the situation of our leaders from taking our legal rights as citizens and start taking our country back.
    God bless all of our men and women in our armed services. They watch out for us as civilians and it’s our duty to cover their 6.

  7. Dav Harzin Reply

    Well done Sir, Glad I joined a outstanding organization.
    Dav Harzin, pvt Texas State Militia Grey Wolves Unit El Paso

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