Houston Militia: Our Purpose

About the Texas State Militia – Houston Unit

Who are we?

     We are the Texas State Militia – Houston Unit. We are the guy in his garage across the street, the woman taking a jog, the burly man in the big truck, the elderly man with “radio operator” on his license plate, the business owner in her office, or the couple at the table across the isle.  We’re your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We have worked for you, prayed for you, fought and died for you.

Who we are not.

We are not vigilantes, rebels, or separatists. We are not racists, fascists, a hate-group, or white/black supremacists. However, the media has destroyed the word militia. The average citizen does not know what a militia is or its purpose, therefore they will easily believe the media.

About Us

     The Texas State Militia – Houston Unit is an all volunteer unorganized militia in the Southeast Texas, Galveston, and Piney Woods region. We are charged with the defense of the Texas and United States Constitutions. That is, to defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We are comprised of former and current LEO, businessmen, tradesmen, and former military. TSM is racially inclusive, non-political, and non-religiously centered. You must love and defend the U.S. and Texas Constitutions.

     The American militia have placed themselves willingly as the last line of defense against the encroachment on our natural freedoms. Against the power-hungry eyes of those who would wish to control the people. Natural freedoms are the heart of the American character. For example, even the millennia old practice of slavery could not withstand this American compulsion. Therefore, through equality and unity Americans overcome the ever present approach of the wolves of oppression. This is why the militia is literally the American people. Indeed, not one group, not one race, and not one creed. It is comprised of all of us together, brothers and sisters in arms, crying out “We will be free!” For all of the celebrations of our differences, let that voice be our unity. The Texas State Militia – Houston Unit reflects that unity.

Rugged Individuals

Rugged individualism is quintessential to the character of an American citizen. Likewise, go anywhere in the world asking about Americans and you will receive mixed reviews. This is because Americans are first and foremost individuals. Our freedoms have cultivated a national character of self-determination, personal moral code, and accomplishment. Furthermore, the freedoms conditional to this character are protected from those who seek to curtail them by the U.S. Constitution. Among these assurances are the right to speak our minds, bear arms and a charge to organize ourselves in the defense of our liberty. To this end, we support our government. Together, the Texas State Militia, The U.S. Armed Forces, and Law Enforcement provide an impenetrable barrier against any who would challenge our right to rule our own lives.

The time is coming, as it does for all nations, when the structures which have provided so fruitfully for us will be seriously challenged. When that time comes, will you be ready?

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