Apply to Join

With the current crisis around the country and the massive increase of applications, our application process is extended. An LTC will speed up your processing.

How to Join



The Texas State Militia is an all volunteer organization. Our trainers are former military, current and former LEOs, and civilian contractors who have generously donated their time. They believe, as we all do, that the militia IS the people and that the true security of our constitutional republic rests ultimately in the hands of the militia. We are committed to that notion and have dedicated our free time to train civilians of all races and backgrounds to be an effective and capable force. Join the militia and see for yourself the brotherhood, skills, and drama free environment that can come with like-minded purpose.

Membership Fee: $20 / Year

Criteria for entry:

  1. Must be 18 or older to apply.
  2. Those younger than 18 may attend trainings with permission from command and must be chaperoned by a legal guardian at the Private level or higher.
  3. Applicants must be able to pass a criminal background check. In some cases, a License to Carry issued by the State of Texas will suffice in lieu of a background check. An LTC can greatly speed up the application process.
  4. Submit a copy of your Driver License, front and back, along with your application.
  5. Submit a copy of your LTC, front and back, along with your application if you wish to be considered for fast tracking your application.
  6. Current military service members are excluded from consideration for entry.
  7. Former military service members wishing to have their service considered will be required to submit their DD214 discharge papers.
  8. Current and former law enforcement officers are both acceptable to join the militia.
  9. Character requirements:
    • Each individual is required to attend one of our new member meetings where they will speak with and be assessed by one of our command staff before being allowed to join.
    • We do not accept racists, bigots, sexists or any sort of marginalization of individuals based on their physical traits.
    • Each applicant will be required to accept a friend request on Facebook or other equivalent social media interaction.
    • Applicants must display a dedication to supporting and defending our constitutional freedoms.
    • Applicants must not be prone to talk of revolution, rebellion, or separatism.
    • Drug use is explicitly prohibited.
  10. Possession of illegal weapons is prohibited.
  11. Physical Requirements:
    • You are responsible for your own physical fitness. We do not do PT.
    • We accept members of all ages and physical capabilities.
    • You are responsible for determining if you can safely do a particular drill, exercise, or maneuver. You must notify someone if you need to sit a drill out. There will be no judgement, however you may be considered for particular roles depending on your capabilities.
    • You are responsible for your individual medical needs, including medication, braces, or anything else you require to keep yourself safe.
  12. Weapon Safety:
    • You are primarily responsible for your basic weapons safety and operations training.
    • Recruits will be monitored closely during non-live fire trainings before they will be invited to a live-fire FTX.
    • No ammunition is allowed unless a range officer gives specific permission.
    • All weapons will be checked at check-in to be clear, safe and legal prior to being brought into a training environment.