We are the forefathers of future Americans.

Why Fore?

How do we prevent the coming dictatorship? There are many reasons our forefathers wrote the Constitution the way they did. You see back in the day, these men knew full well what a monarchy was, familiar with what a dictatorship was. They knew corruption and the abuses that went in hand with those in power because they lived it. They knew because they left the home country where it was rampant and started a new life to get away from it. (Think about that for a moment.)

Imagine things are so bad and jacked up that you are ready to leave behind everything you know to get away from the “system”. Now on top of that imagine the conditions and mode of travel to do so. You with me so far? Now, these folks were fed up with the entire corrupt and unfair way of life so much so that they pulled away from it and sailed to America. Then these folks got fed up again, declared themselves independent, and fought and died to keep their precious independence. Once they did so, they got together and forged a document that would protect not only them from this blight that they got away from, but also protect you. Our forefathers knew what they didn’t want. They wrote, they argued, they debated facts, they passionately told their personal stories while forging what would end up being our Constitution.

No one today compares

Most of these men were more educated than any alive today. They had no computers, smart phones, television, or radio to distract them. No one paid their way into a college or university. They earned their education the old fashion way, many in the school of “hard knocks” where common sense had value. Although the news was slow and sparse, it was much more informative than what we have today. So these men read books, newspapers, and much of what they read was factual information. They knew the reasons behind the politics of the time because they were informed and educated, not distracted. They did math on paper and look at what they built: a nation. But here we are 240 some odd years later in the same situation they. We have gone full circle.

It is time to use the parchment paper to choke out those who try to abuse it. How do we prevent the coming dictatorship? Everything our forefathers did to protect us from this has been debated, ignored, and trampled on by lawyers, imbeciles that paid their way through school, judges, and politicians. Which brings me to my point. I am a patriot to these United States. I believe in the blood, sweat and tears that were put into the Constitution. It is precious and I believe it is worth fighting to protect it, enforce it, and keep the people it was created for free, with liberty, and justice for us all. So I am a proud member of this militia, and if you feel the same way. Join up, and get trained. We have a long fight for Lady Liberty, our freedom, and our way of life.

That my friends is “Why fore?” God bless us all…

Want to join up and start training?

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