Houston Premier Gunshow – Thank you

TSM Gunshow Booth

TSM Houston attended the Premier Gunshow at the George R. Brown Convention Center and it was a great success!


Gathering like-minded individuals in the defense of our liberties is the primary goal of a militia, and what better way to do it than at a gun show!

TSM displayed the typical load-out, including kits, 72-pack, weaponry, and medical supplies. We spoke with many people who were interested in doing their part.  All in all, we spoke with hundreds of people and signed up many new members. Some had lots to learn to get up to speed, some had very little.  All were welcome.


This will become a normal part of TSM processes.  Putting on display who we are and what we stand for goes very far to gathering talent and dispelling media myths about the militia.

Success!  The Premier Gun Show turned out to be a great venue to gather like-minded individuals in the defense of our liberties. Thank you to all who attended, worked at the booth, or simply stopped by to say hi.

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