Houston Militia joins with Habitat for Humanity

Texas State Militia Houston fireteam onsite with Habitat for Humanity

Texas State Militia’s Houston Unit sent a fireteam to assist Habitat for Humanity in the construction of a home in the greater Houston Area. Habitat for Humanity’s unique model of “charitable building” helps displaced and stranded families afford basic housing needs by limiting the costs of construction labor. This kind of project is the perfect match for TSM.

Many of TSM’s members are skilled craftsmen and women who are employed in the trade-skills. As carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other trades, they serve as valuable skills on a constructions site. Often, TSM can provide this skilled labor to Habitat for Humanity where they lack. Many of Habitat for Humanity’s volunteers are well-meaning citizens with the heart to help out, but often lack crucial trade-skills. However, TSM is comprised of men and women who work hard at their trade and serve as a valuable asset to Habitat for Humanity.

Why we do it

In times of war, this Houston Militia stands professionally trained and prepared to defend our community. We train hard and often in the the ways of fireteam maneuvers, group tactics, and weapons skills. However, the root of this motivation is not the fighting.

Each member is personally motivated to help our community, even in peace time. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Houston Food Bank provide the us an avenue to serve our localities where it helps the most. That is the most important part of it: where it helps the most. Whether it is serving lunches at an old folks home, building houses, pulling people out of flood waters, or defending our community from an invading force, we are ready and capable to serve where it helps the most.

It’s about Texas

There is no better a feeling than watching your personally donated labor go into a project that directly impacts the lives of others.

Each member of our unit is a Texan through and though. We believe in the Texan spirit, our unique history, and character. The Houston unit currently recruiting. We are looking for motivated individuals who can donate their time, skills, and resources to protecting and serving Texans.

Our CO will be speaking at a Habitat for Humanity event. Details to be announced soon!

Come join us today!

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      Hi Chris, just go to the apply to join Link at the top. You’ll fill out a contact form and be contacted by a email

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