An Appeal to be a House-Builder.

In a small town called Tomball just north of Houston, a strange spectacle was presented. From around the Houston area, men and women gathered for a single purpose: to build a house for someone in need, and not get paid to do it. Aside from training to fight, a Houston Militia built a house.

Homeowner gets help from Houston Militia

The men and women of Texas State Militia’s Houston Unit all have one thing in common: they care about their community. Because of their compulsion to serve their community in fact, they were brought to join the militia in the first place. Far from the media’s narrative of militias as racist, bigoted, anti-government brutes, this Houston militia is a diverse group of men, women, blacks, whites, hispanics, Christians and Atheists who all share a similar creed. That creed is to defend the lives of their community and liberties guaranteed them in the US Constitution.  This is not merely diversity for diversity’s sake, this is diversity organically grown straight from the Constitution.  This is not unity for unity’s sake, this is the true unity only achieved when we stop trying to control each other and instead offer a helping hand. 

Militia Works for Community

Texas State Militia’s Houston Unit sent between 25-30 of their best to join with Habitat for Humanity in February, as they have done time and time again. Although the media may applaud today’s keyboard warriors (and Google reward them), you’ll find the common cry of “put-up or shut-up” among these Doers (including this author who was there swinging hammers with the rest of them). One of our members even runs a volunteer handy-man service for Veterans called Time to Help Vets.

Militia completes home building project for needy

Talk is no longer cheap, but a helping hand can be.

Bloggers make thousands per month, hired by the big media companies to create content ad-nauseum. Although they fill up the internet with words, those words are hollow. Those words are posturing, bloviating, political commentary designed to divide our nation. They settle fear of each other into the core of our national soul. Even though they add nothing to our communities, they are rewarded for their spewing of partisan rants. Those words do not build houses for the needy, the glove-laden hands of unpaid Americans do. A Houston Militia built a house for someone in need, not the media.

Houston Militia is Diverse

This article will be washed away into the ocean of words the internet consumes every second. It will likely be unnoticed in the grand scheme. However, we cannot stop being us, we cannot stop caring for our fellow man just because a thousand keyboard warriors tell us to hate each other. We must keep being ourselves, to keep being Americans who care of their own accord. The media pressure on us, the unrelenting attacks on the Militia, is an unscalable mountain, an unrelenting down-pour. However, this author wanted to take a small moment to light a match in the cold rain.

Houston Militia works hard for community

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  1. Webber Reply

    My home is falling in around me in dire need of a rehab. i am an honorably discharged disabled veteran who served 2008-2014.

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