Militia begins CQB training in Houston.

Houston Unit of TSM prepares for a CQB mission.

You arrive home to your family one evening and as your headlights light up your house, all of your attention focuses on your front door. The glass is shattered, and the door is broken open. Where do you begin? Your family is inside and every second that goes by means they could be killed.

CQB is considered by many in the military to be the most dangerous job. You are going face-to-face with an armed enemy at a range where it would be difficult to miss. Only your speed, reaction times, and the element of surprise can give you an advantage. This is not a skill that will come naturally. You’ll need to practice, practice, practice. Texas State Militia Houston is one of the few places to get real CQB Training in Houston.

A dangerous game

Practicing Rolling T
Repetition means everything. We practice CQB maneuvers over and over again to make sure that when we need them, they’re automatic.

TSM members attended the 1st class in a series centered around room clearing, CQB, and HVTs. These classes are not only appropriate for clearing your own house, but in a SHTF situation. When resources are scarce, your team’s stockpile will partially depend on your ability to scavenge for resources, protect your resources, and protect your team and families from others who wish to take what you have. It is an unfortunate truth that when society breaks down, it will be man vs. man, and group vs. group for resource domination and survival.

Come join us, join a brotherhood committed to protecting each other and pooling our resources. Although this is one of the best CQB training in Houston, Texas State Militia holds many other trainings focusing on developing personal and group defense tactics. When the time comes we will be ready. Will you?

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2 comments on “Militia begins CQB training in Houston.”

  1. Steve potvin Reply

    I am very interested in finding out more, there are others who are interested.
    I used to FTX out in Montgomery co then we tried a sort of reboot. I didnt fit . You folks seem to go along with my thinking. I have had master electrician, plumber and HVAC licenses for 40 yrs. did a bunch of time on Tx border and a civialian deploy in Iraq.
    I firmly believe that survival and success will depend on weapons and basic provision/ survival skill

    • TSMHouston Reply

      Yes absolutely. If you check out the apply to join page you’ll see we take it very seriously and are always looking to improve. We are a Brotherhood that is close knit.

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