Drive your Team’s Viability with Land Navigation 1 [LN1]

Land Navigation [LN1]

The upcoming scouting mission will require a host of skills, including one the most basic skills necessary: land navigation.


Teach new recruits and reinforce veterans knowledge of how to successfully navigate the unknown wilderness. On mission, our scouts will be given nothing but an unclear map and a compass.  Consequently, with these tools they will need to find their location on that map, determine the distance and azimuth to their next waypoint, and successfully navigate the environment to retrieve a code located somewhere in the forest. Along the way, they’ll need to provide command with their accurate location, the location of resources, and hostile forces.


Although being a forward observer or a scout can take you out of the direct firefight, it by no means is a safe or easy task. Danger can come not only from potential hostile forces in the area, but also simple challenges like getting lost or being unable to locate life sustaining resources.  Whether those resources be supply drops or natural resources, a missed opportunity can spelled death for an entire unit. Land Navigation training is intended to educate our members on how to successfully locate themselves, reach their objectives, and provide command with valuable intelligence.

Using Land Navigation techniques, can you safely get your team through unknown, hostile territory? Can you secure a safe route for your group given nothing but a vague map with a rally point?

This fall, TSM Houston Fire Teams will begin a 4-part series on Land Navigation, Scouting and Patrolling.

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