Community Work

The Texas State Militia cares about our Houston community deeply. Some of the most important and critical programs in the militia are our volunteer and charity work. As Houstonians, we all live and work in Houston or in one of the many townships and cities in Houston’s massive surrounding area. Because we see the struggles that our fellow citizens face on a day-to-day basis, we feel it’s our duty to support them where we can.

TSM has many volunteer programs that our members can take part in. From Habitat for Humanity, to the Houston Food Bank, to search and rescue work, there is no shortage of ways to help.

Below are just some of the active ways in which TSM supports our community.

An Appeal to be a House-Builder.

In a small town called Tomball just north of Houston, a strange spectacle was presented. From around the Houston area, men and women gathered for a single purpose: to build a house for someone in need, and not get paid to do it. Aside from training to fight, a Houston Militia built a house. The

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Flags on gravestones

Flags for the Fallen

The peaceful serenity of the Houston National Cemetery seems to come not from the beautiful grounds or the monuments, but from the now calmed and focused people there honoring its permanent inhabitants.


Houston Militia joins with Habitat for Humanity

Houston Militia serves community through partnership with Habitat for Humanity.

Huston Food Bank Militia Volunteer

Texas State Militia volunteers at the Houston Food Bank

But where do they get all of this food? Very Grateful Thank you Houston Food Bank for everything you do. We definitely plan to volunteer there again! If you are interested in helping to defend and support our communities in Houston or anywhere else in Texas, consider the Texas State Militia. We train hard and

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Texas State Militia serves community.

With nowhere to turn, we turn to each other. A home is a place to retreat to. But what happens when you must retreat from your home?   Deaundrea unfortunately found out when her home was overrun by flood waters last year. Since then, she and her daughter have been hopping from place to place,

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Texas Premier Gun Show

If you wish to donate to our booth please follow the below link and give what you can.  Everything helps. Donate Here!