Becoming the Men and Women our Country Needs Us to Be.

Hard working men and women of the American past.

Progress is gauged by the gap it must cross. This is why one man’s progress will seem great… and another’s inconsequential. People aren’t lazy or listless, rather paralyzed by the gap and hard working men and women are disillusioned.

The bubble of comfort

Comfort is like a bubble that is constantly shrinking. When you first get into your comfort bubble, it is relaxing. You’ve been out working all day. You come home, tired from being on your feet, and you sit on the couch and turn the TV on. This is exactly what you needed. Yet 2 hours into your comfort bubble and you find yourself horizontal on the couch watching a program you don’t want to watch because you don’t want to get off of the couch to find the remote. Your comfort bubble has shrank so much that you can barely find the will to stand. The gap between you and the necessary things in life is growing.

Contrary to our shrinking comfort zone, is the fact that it is possible to grow the bubble larger and larger. You simply need to exit the comfort bubble for a time and do uncomfortable things. Soon you find that things that used to make you uncomfortable are now well within your comfort zone. This is how we close the gap.

Most Americans face a vast and expanding gap.

Is your tea too hot? Don’t spill it on your snuggie!

If over the years, the gap has been expanding and you became wrapped in a sense of futility, then something broke inside you. You became addicted to comfort. Then at that breaking point, like many Americans, you quit the path of our forefathers. As it took more and more to fight FOR America, less and less are actually fighting for her. The gap has grown wider and wider.
You knew, like a worm gnawing your mind, that you should take a stand, but you clung to the hope that everything could right itself. So you didn’t awaken the strength to take action.
Instead, you find yourself caught in a viscous cycle: with the world you knew, and the country you love getting farther away. Yes Sir, so grows the gap… pushing your future “get my shit together” moment further and further out of reach.

Our country is awakening from a long slumber. Men and women are beginning to see the wolves of tyranny and its trappings of comfort for what they are. The Texas State Militia is comprised of these men and women, pushing themselves outside of their comfort bubble. We are learning new skills, helping in the local community, and training to defend this great country. We are loaded with good people from all walks of life.

What you must do

The hard working men and women of the past must return. If there ever was a time, it is now. Take action, learn new skills, help out when you’re needed… and put the notion that things will right themselves under the knife. Time is running out for us. Just as a farmer must let a field go fallow when it fails to produce, excuses must whither and die.

Actions speak louder than words, and in today’s world words fly like a plague of locusts on the land. Re-direct all of your energy, all of your passion, all obsession to preparing, to training. Come join groups like ours and see where it takes you.

The fool occupies their time with endless online complaints and meme wars, arguing to no end with people who virtually don’t exist.

We train hard.

TSM takes the single idea–Patriotism–and makes it real. Through training, helping and hands on experience. If you join TSM, great! If not take this tidbit of knowledge:

The secret to close the gap is discomfort and MOMENTUM. It’s the bridge you’ve spent your whole life looking for to get past the gap of inaction. Forget, for a time, what you think you know and take action. Only then will you become the person you’ve waited your whole life to be.

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